Deliveries nationwide! Free deliveries across the country from € 24.5!


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  • 1. Is the delivery free?

    Yes, for orders equivalent to or greater than one basket (25 euros). For deliveries below the value of a basket, there is an additional cost of 7 euros.

    2. Is there loyalty?

    There is no loyalty associated with the service. However, through the repeat purchase it is possible to take advantage of more discounts and campaigns in place.

    3. Can product prices vary?

    Yes, fruits and vegetables are natural products whose price varies with the time of year. However, prices do not vary for deliveries already confirmed.

    4. When is the delivery done?

    Orders placed until 16:00 are delivered within the next 24 hours, including saturdays. There is also a telephone contact to combine the best time for delivery.

    5. In what areas are deliveries made?

    Maria do Pomar distributes the baskets in the Lisbon area, but is predicted that the service expands rapidly to Porto and other major cities in the country.

    6. What happens if no one is at the time of delivery?

    The customer must indicate the best time interval for delivery in the online store's observations. In the event that it is not available at that time, there is a possibility of leaving the products with a neighbour, or elsewhere combined.

  • 1. How do I place an order?

    Orders are placed online through the website or the application Maria do Pomar (available soon), available for 24 hours.

    2. & What are the payment methods?

    Payments are preferably made online via Visa / Mastercard cards or other conventional electronic methods.

  • 1. What's the origin of the products?

    Our fruits and vegetables come from the best national and international producers, following the best pratices and sustainable culture. However, not every product come from biological certified cultures. We do however try to promote cultures biological certified

    2. Do the fruits and vegetables in the image correspond to those delivered?

    The photographs of the baskets, although with our own fruits and vegetables, are illustrative, since fruits and vegetables vary according to the season or type of basket selected.

    3. Do you have a physical store?

    Maria do Pomar only sells online, which reduces costs and adds even more quality to the service, safeguarding the freshness of fruits and vegetables in your home or office without having to move.

    4. How do I know that the products are quality?

    The choice of the best fruits and vegetables are carried out by a team with many years of experience in the market and guided by high quality criteria.

  • 1. Is it possible to cancel an order and be refunded?

    Yes, if the cancellation occurs until 18h of the previous day of the delivery.

    2. What happens if there are missing products in the order?

    We will contact you to identify which alternative products you want or refund your order.

    3. Do you collect the packages for the next delivery?

    The packaging used is 100% recyclable, can be deposited in an Ecoponto, or delivered to the next visit.

    Any other questions, please contact customer support: